Moving is a daunting process in itself but sometimes one has to deal with surprise charges at the end of the day, which makes the whole experience even stressful. While most Adelaide Movers provide upfront cost, there are still services that underquote in order to secure a deposit from customers.

Here is a quick guide, that highlights certain hidden costs while moving and provides tips on how to avoid them.   

1. Packing Related Charges

Moving companies usually provide basic packing materials such as boxes and tape. However, for special packing supplies, the cost is extra. Special packing supplies include bubble wrap, packing paper, special wardrobe boxes etc. The best way to avoid high costs related to packing is to pack your belongings yourself.

2. Insurance Related Costs

When you hire a reputed removalist company, the basic insurance is usually a part of the quote and provided without any extra cost. However, it is recommended that you take full insurance cover to cover costs of valuable items in event of any loss or damage of the belongings.

An AFRA accredited Adelaide Movers service will arrange for the moving insurance based on your needs to ensure that your possessions are properly covered.

3. Deposit Amount

Sometimes there could be change in moving plans such as change without any notice time or you may find services of other provider better. Make sure you know the cancellation policy in advance as certain Adelaide Movers companies charge a cancellation fee.

4. Additional Services

Take a detailed look at your inventory and figure out what additional services your move will require. In most standard moving packages, the companies offer quotation for basics such as loading and unloading.

If you need services such as appliance disconnection and reconnection, disassembling and reassembling of furniture, packing and unpacking assistance, additional fees is usually charged for such services. Unless you are specific and upfront about all services, you won’t be able to get clarity about the extra cost involved.

5. Long Carry Fees and Shuttle Service

The companies have standard distance set for loading and unloading the boxes. A long carry fee will be applied in case the distance between the moving truck and your residence is more than the standard distance.

You must also let them know about the stairs, elevators and other special conditions of your residence to know about the additional fees upfront. 

If, for some reason, your residence is not accessible to the moving truck, a shuttle service may be required. Your belongings will first be transferred to the shuttle and then the truck, thus attracting additional charges.


Unascertained costs should occur only in unexpected situations or if the Adelaide Movers are unaware about any information that you had not disclosed in advance. Making a detailed list of your inventory and disclosing all the services you need will get you an all-inclusive quote from the companies.

Adelaide Movers and Packers, emphasize being transparent whether it comes to cost or any other information related to the home.

Therefore, you won’t come across any unexpected costs when you hire these reputed Adelaide Movers. The provide exceptional service at affordable price. You can go over your quotation to get detailed explanation about any additional charges.

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